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Net::SMS::MessageNet - Send SMS messages via the service


  perl -MNet::SMS::MessageNet -e 'send_sms($user_name, $password, $phone_number, $message);'
  perl -MNet::SMS::MessageNet -e 'Net::SMS::MessageNet->new($user_name, $password)->send($phone_number, $message);'


This module allows sending sms messages via https to the service


new ( $username, $password )

returns a new object for sending sms messages. The username and password parameters are from your account. A test account can be obtained from

send ( $phone_number, $message )

sends the contents of $message to the telephone number $phone_number. $phone_number should to a fully qualified phone number including country code. For example, an australian phone number may be '61412345678'. A complete list of available services may be found at This module is only currently implementing the LodgeSMSMessage interface.

send_sms ( $username, $password, $phone_number, $message )

a shortcut to calling new and send. provided to allow greater ease of use for one liners. :)


David Dick <>


Uses LWP, HTTP::Cookies, Net::HTTPS and URI::Escape modules.


None known at this point


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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