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Net::SMTP::Server::Client2 - A better client for Net::SMTP::Server.


        use Carp;
        use Net::SMTP::Server;
        use Net::SMTP::Server::Client2;

        my $server = new Net::SMTP::Server(localhost => 25) ||
           croak("Unable to open server : $!\n");

        while($conn = $server->accept()) {

           fork and last;
        my $count = 'aaa';
        my $client = new Net::SMTP::Server::Client2($conn) ||
               croak("Unable to handle client: $!\n");

        $client->greet; # this is new

        while($client->get_message){ # this is different

        if (length($client->{MSG}) > 1400000){
                        $client->too_long; # this is new

                if( $client->{MSG} =~ /viagra/i ){
                        $client->fail(" we need no viagra "); # this is new

                open MOUT, ">/tmp/tmpMOUT_${$}_$count" or die "open: $!";
                print MOUT  join("\n",
                        $client-{MSG}) or die "print: $!";
                close MOUT or die "close: $!";
                        or die "link: $!";
                        or die "unlink: $!";
                $client->okay("message saved for relay"); # this is new


The Net::SMTP::Server::Client2 module is a patched Net::SMTP::Server::Client module.

 $client->get_message returns before delivering a response
code to the client.  $client->okay(...) and $client->too_large()
and $client->fail(...) return the appropriate codes, rather than
assuming that all messages were 250.  "Is that 250 with you?"  
$client->basta() will 421 and close, which is also an option after
receiving a message you don't want to accept.

  $client->{faults} is the number of booboos the client made while
   presenting the message, after 15 of them we 421 and close.

And, Client2 is no longer is an autoloader or an exporter because it doesn't export anything or autoload.


  Net::SMTP::Server::Client is Copyright(C) 1999, 
  MacGyver (aka Habeeb J. Dihu), who released
  it under the AL and GPL, so it is okay to patch and re-release it,
  even though he said "all reigths reserved."  He reserved all the
  rights, then he released it.  Go figure.

  Client2,  released by me, in 2002,  contains changes that make
  the interface more complex,  and not backwards-compatible.

  You may distribute this package under the terms of either the GNU
  General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the
  Perl README file. 

  David Nicol


Net::SMTP::Server, Net::SMTP::Server::Client