++ed by:
Author image Marc A. Lehmann


Net::SNMP::XS - speed up Net::SNMP by decoding in XS, with limitations


 use Net::SNMP::XS;

 # loading it is enough to speed up Net::SNMP


This module tries to speed up Net::SNMP response packet decoding.

It does this by overriding a few selected internal method by (almost) equivalent XS methods.

This currently reduces decode time by a factor of ten for typical bulk responses.

There are currently the following limitations when using this module:

overriding internal functions might cause the module to malfunction with future versions of Net::SNMP
error messages will be simpler/different
translation will be ignored (all values will be delivered "raw")
a moderately modern (>= C99) C compiler is required
only tested with 5.10, no intentions to port to older perls
duplicate OIDs are not supported
REPORT PDUs are not supported


 Marc Lehmann <schmorp@schmorp.de>