Simon Wistow
and 1 contributors


Net::SocialGraph - interact with Google's Social Graph API


    my $sg  = Net::SocialGraph->new(%options); # see below
    my $res = $sg->get(@urls);


This is a paper thin wrapper round Google's Social Graph API.

You should read the docs there for more information about options and the format of the response.


new [opt[s]]

Create a new Social Graph object.

Can optionally take, err, some options.

edo (boolean)

Return edges out from returned nodes.

edi (boolean)

Return edges in to returned nodes.

fme (boolean)

Follow me links, also returning reachable nodes.

pretty (boolean)

Pretty-print returned JSON.

callback (string matching /^[\w\.]+$/)

JSONP callback function.

You shouldn't ever have to use this but I put it in for completeness.

sgn (boolean)

Return internal representation of nodes.

get <uri[s]>

Fetch the information about the nodes specified in the uris.

Returns a nested data structure representing the results. This will be in the form of a hashref.

The key canonical_mapping contains another hashref which maps each uri given to its canonical form.

The key nodes contains a hashref with keys for each uri given. The contents of those hashrefs (do keep up) depend on the options given.

You can read more information about node uris here

get_json <uri[s]>

The same as above but returns raw JSON.


Simon Wistow <>


Copyright 2008, Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.