Net::TiVo - Perl interface to TiVo.


    use Net::TiVo;

    my $tivo = Net::TiVo->new(
        host => '', 
        mac  => 'MEDIA_ACCESS_KEY'

    for ($tivo->folders()) {
        print $_->as_string(), "\n";


Net::TiVo provides an object-oriented interface to TiVo's REST interface. This makes it possible to enumerate the folders and shows, and dump their meta-data.


Net::TiVo has a very simple interface, and currently only supports the enumeration of folder and shows using the REST interface. The main purpose of this module was to provide access to the TiVo programmatically to automate the process of downloading shows from a TiVo.

Net::TiVo does not provide support for downloading from TiVo. There are several options available, including LWP, wget, and curl. Note: I have used wget version >= 1.10 with success. wget version 1.09 appeared to have an issue with TiVo's cookie.


One user has reported 500 errors when using the library. He was able to track the bug down to LWP and Net::SSLeay. Once he switched from using Net::SSLeay to Crypt::SSLeay the 500 errors went away.


Net::TiVo is slow due to the amount of time it takes to fetch data from TiVo. This is greatly sped up by using a cache. Net::TiVo's new method accepts a reference to a Cache object. Any type of caching object may be supported as long as it meets the requirements below. There are several cache implementations available on CPAN, such as Cache::Cache.

The following example creates a cache that lasts for 600 seconds.

    use Cache::FileCache;
    my $cache = Cache::FileCache->new(
         namespace          => 'TiVo',
         default_expires_in => 600,

    my $tivo = Net::TiVo->new(
         host  => '',
         mac   => 'MEDIA_ACCESS_KEY',
         cache => $cache,

Net::TiVo uses positive caching, errors are not stored in the cache.

Any Cache class may be used as long as it supports the following method signatures.

    # Set a cache value
    $cache->set($key, $value);

    # Get a cache value



Returns an array in list context or array reference in scalar context containing a list of Net::TiVo::Folder objects.


Net::TiVo::Folder, Net::TiVo::Show


Christopher Boumenot, <>