Felipe Gasper
and 1 contributors


Net::WAMP::Role::Dealer - Dealer role for Net::WAMP


    package MyRouter;

    use parent qw( Net::WAMP::Role::Dealer );

    #For security, this defaults to rejecting everything!
    sub deny_CALL {
        my ($self, $CALL_msg) = @_;

        my $session_obj = $self->get_session();


        #fail, generic (Error = wamp.error.not_authorized)
        return 1;

        #fail, custom Auxiliary (Error = wamp.error.not_authorized)
        return { foo => 1 };

        #fail, generic Auxiliary, custom Error
        return 1, 'myapp.error.go_away';

        #fail, custom Auxiliary and Error
        return { foo => 1 }, 'myapp.error.go_away';

    #This follows the same pattern as deny_CALL().
    #It also defaults to rejecting everything.
    sub deny_REGISTER { ... }


This is an EXPERIMENTAL WAMP Dealer implementation. If you use it, please send feedback!


To have a useful Dealer you’ll need to create a deny_CALL method, since the default is to deny all CALL requests. If that Broker is to allow REGISTER requests, you’ll also need a deny_REGISTER() method. The format of these is described above.


Dealer only exposes a few public methods:

$registr_id = OBJ->register( SESSION_OBJ, METADATA_HR, PROCEDURE )

This function registers a session to supply the given procedure, independently of actual WAMP messaging. This is useful, e.g., if you want to “auto-register” a procedure to a given session.

The return is the same number that is sent in a REGISTERED message’s Registration. No REGISTERED message is sent, however.


Undoes a registration, without sending an UNREGISTERED message.