Shawn M Moore
and 4 contributors


NetHack::ItemPool - represents a universe of NetHack items


version 0.21


    use NetHack::ItemPool;
    my $pool = NetHack::ItemPool->new;
    my $excalibur = $pool->new_item("the +3 Excalibur (weapon in hand)");
    is($pool->inventory->weapon, $excalibur);


Objects of this class represent a universe of NetHack items. For example, each instance of this class gets exactly one Magicbane, because each NetHack game gets exactly one Magicbane.

An ItemPool also manages inventory (NetHack::Inventory) and equipment (NetHack::Inventory::Equipment) for you.

More documentation to come. For now, the best resource is this module's test suite.