Number::Format::FixedLocale - a Number::Format that ignores the system locale


version 1.121780


    use Number::Format::FixedLocale;
    my $f = Number::Format::FixedLocale->new(
        -mon_thousands_sep => '.',
        -mon_decimal_point => ',',
        -int_curr_symbol   => 'EUR',
        -n_cs_precedes     => 0,
        -p_cs_precedes     => 0,
    print $f->format_price( -45208.23 ); # "-45.208,23 EUR"


Number::Format is a very useful module, however in environments with many systems it can be a liability due to the fact that it gathers its default settings from the system locale, which can lead to surprising results when formatting numbers in production.

Number::Format::FixedLocale is a sub-class of Number::Format that contains only a slightly modified constructor, which will only use a fixed set of en_US default settings. Thus any results from this module will be predictable no matter how the system it is being run on is configured.


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