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Number::Format::SouthAsian - format numbers in the South Asian style


version 0.10


Formats numbers in the South Asian style. You can read more on Wikipedia here:

The format_number() method has a words parameter which tells it to use words rather than simply separating the numbers with commas.

    my $formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new();
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678);             # 1,23,45,678
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 1); # 1.2345678 crores

You can also specify words to new(), which has the effect of setting a default value to be used.

    my $formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(words => 1);
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678);             # 1.2345678 crores
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 0); # 1,23,45,678

You can also specify "decimals" to either new() or format_number(), which has the effect of rounding any decimals found. Note that this means slightly different things depending on wordiness.

    my $rounding_formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(decimals => 2);
    say $rounding_formatter->format_number(1234.5678); # 1,234.57
    say $rounding_formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 1); # 1.23 crores

In India it is common to use lakhs and crores, but quite uncommon to see any of the other larger number names. An "arab" is much more likely to be called "100 crores" and a "kharab" is more likely to be called a "lakh crore." This behaviour can be enabled with the lakhs_and_crores_only parameter.

    my $lakhs_and_crores_only_formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(words => 1, lakhs_and_crores_only => 1);
    say $lakhs_and_crores_only_formatter->format_number(1_00_00_00_000); # 100 crores



Optionally takes a named parameter 'words' which sets the default of the 'words' parameter to format_number.

    my $normal_formatter   = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new();
    my $wordy_formatter    = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(words => 1);
    my $rounding_formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(decimals => 2);


Takes a positional parameter which should just be a number. Optionally takes a named parameter 'words' which turns on or off the wordy behaviour. Returns a string containing the number passed in formatted in the South Asian style.

    my $formatted_number = $formatter->format_number(12345678);

    my $formatted_number = $formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 1);


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