Adam Kennedy


ORLite::PDL - PDL integration for ORLite


  package Foo;
  # Load database and add statistics package
  use ORLite 'statistics.db';
  use ORLite::PDL;
  my $pdl = Foo->selectcol_pdl('select column from table');


Note: This is a very simple initial implementation, more functionality to come in the future.

Compressed SQLite database files are a handy format for the distribution of bulk data, including statistical data.

The ORLite Object-Relational Model provides a convenient way to create client APIs on top of these databases. However, its numberical analysis ability is limited to that provided by native SQLite.

The Perl Database Language (PDL) is a high-performance library for numerical analysis in Perl.

ORLite::PDL provides convenient integration between ORLite and PDL.



  my $pdl = Foo->selectcol_pdl(
      'select col from table where country = ?', {},

The selectcol_pdl method is added to the root namespace of your ORLite module tree.

It takes the same parameters and returns the same results as selectcol_arrayref, but automatically converts the result to a PDL "piddle" object.

Returns a PDL object, or throws an exception on error.


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Copyright 2010 Adam Kennedy.

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