Nicholas Booker
and 1 contributors


OpenERP::OOM - OpenERP Object to Object Mapper


OpenERP::OOM (Object to Object Mapper) maps OpenERP objects to Perl objects, in a similar way to how an ORM like DBIx::Class maps database tables to Perl classes.

Relationships between objects can be defined in Perl code so that the OpenERP schema can be traversed using Perl method calls, and related objects can be created by calling methods on their parent (again, this corresponds closely to the relationship model in an ORM).

Additionally, links can be defined to join OpenERP objects with DBIx::Class schemas, so that an OpenERP object can be augmented with additional data structures, methods, and application logic that is held outside of OpenERP.


OpenERP::OOM::Tutorial gives a walkthrough of how to use OpenERP::OOM.


Jon Allen (JJ) <>

Colin Newell <>


Copyright (C) 2011 OpusVL

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.