Author image James A. Duncan


OpenFrame::AppKit::Segment::DispatchOnURI - pipeline segments that dispatch only on certain uris


  package MyPipeSegment;

  use OpenFrame::AppKit::Segment::DispatchOnURI;
  use base qw(  OpenFrame::AppKit::Segment::DispatchOnURI );
  sub uri {
    return qr!/some/uri/here.html!

  sub dispatch_on_uri {
    my $self = shift;
    my $pipe = shift;
    # ...



OpenFrame::AppKit::Segment::DispatchOnURI is a base class for all pipeline segments that want to dispatch only at a certain uri. To subclass it you can simply define the dispatch_on_uri method in your package and call the uri() method, which by default is a get/set for the regular expression that will match the path of your uri. If you wish to set a hard value you can override the uri() method to return a regular expression.


James A. Duncan <>


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This code is released under the GNU GPL and Artistic licenses.