OpenFrame::AppKit::Session - sessions for OpenFrame


  use OpenFrame::AppKit::Session;
  my $session = OpenFrame::AppKit::Session->new();

  my $id = $session->id();

  my $restored = OpenFrame::AppKit::Session->fetch( $id );


OpenFrame::AppKit::Session provides a session class that is capable of being stored and restored from disk. The session expects you to treat it as a standard HASH for all intents and purposes, but does allow you to encapsulate that with the methods get and set for top level keys.


  • new

    The new() method instantiates a new OpenFrame::AppKit::Session and returns it.

  • init

    The init() method provides initialization routines for OpenFrame::AppKit::Session

  • id

    The id() method returns the sessions id

  • generate_id

    The generate_id() method returns a new id, or the old id if it has already been generated.

  • store

    The store() method serializes the session to disk. It returns the session id that can be used to restore the session.

  • fetch

    The fetch() method takes a session id as a parameter and returns a restored session from disk. In the case that the session is unavailable it returns nothing.

  • get

    The get() method simply returns a key as specified by the first parameter and returns its value.

  • set

    The set() method simply sets a key value pair as specified by the first two parameters.




James A. Duncan <>


Copyright 2002 Fotango Ltd. All Rights Reserved

This program is released under the same license as Perl itself.