OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2 - Apache2 segments for OpenFrame 3


  # tricky to explain, but mostly:
  PerlHandler YourHandler


The OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2 distribution provides segments for OpenFrame 3 that convert from Apache2 requests to OpenFrame::Request objects and from OpenFrame::Response objects to produce an Apache2 response.

It will be demonstrated with a simple OpenFrame example which simply loads static content, OpenFrame::Example::Apache2Simple.

The following configuration should be in httpd.conf:

  SetHandler  perl-script
  PerlSetVar  cwd /home/website/
  PerlHandler OpenFrame::Example::Apache2Simple

The actual handler is quite short. The important part is to set up a pipeline which has a OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2::Request segment at the beginning and a OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2::Response as a cleanup segment.

Note that there is also a OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2::NoImages which declines and lets Apache2 serve images.


Leon Brocard <>


Copyright 2002 Fotango Ltd. Licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.