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Mmh... I don't think you can use this module directly. Better look at the bin folder.


It's an attempt to write an OpenGL Perl program that can display a fancy rotating planet, while also displaying useful geographic information on it.

The development is in a really really early stage now (Jan 2009). Don't expect miracles.

It's basically a 10-years old OpenGL C program, translated to Perl like 8 years ago, and then butchered and reassembled by yours truly during some nightly hacking sessions.

The Earth texture that comes with this distribution is a stripped down version (1024x512) of the original hi-res (4096x2048) I downloaded from Celestia Motherlode, if I remember correctly.

If you want to use the higher resolution texture, either find it yourself, or write me, or generate one by yourself with the bin/ utility I wrote. You will need the mighty Imager module for that.


Cosimo Streppone, <>


This code comes with the same terms as Perl itself.