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OpenOffice::OODoc::HeadingStyles - utilities for manipulating OpenOffice::OODoc objects


version 0.04


This module helps to create Heading Styles in OpenOffice::OODoc documents. Instead of blindly creating new styles at will, one can call establishHeadingStyle that will honour any exisiting style, but will create a new one if needed.



returns an OpenOffice::OODoc Heading Style Element for a given level

    my $level = 2;
    my $style_definition = {
        paragraph   => { top    => '0.1390in', bottom => '0.0835in' },
        text        => { size   =>     '115%', weight =>     'bold' },
    my $heading_style = $oodoc_style
        ->establishHeadingStyle( $level, $style_definition );

If the style was not already present in the 'Styles' part of the document, it will be created and added into the document.

The style-definition is an optional argument. If not provided, it will use what is found in HEADING_DEFINITIONS package HashRef. That is pre-populated with the defaults from Libre Office.

See below.

A newly created heading style inherrits from the Heading style and will apply font settings like Libre Office does: relative font-size, font-weight and font-style and more.

CAVEAT: $level will be treated turned into integer values. This means that if it does not start with a number will be treated as "Heading 0" styles and decimals will be truncated. See int


Creates a new Heading Style in the 'styles' part for a given level. It accepts an optional style-definition HashRef like the above.


Heading Style Definitions

This module does some convenience mapping between params and that what OpenOffice::OODoc internally uses in their xml. A heading style for this module look like the following hash structure:

    paragraph => {
        top        => '9.9999in',
        bottom     => '9.9999mm',
    text      => {
        size       => 'huge',
        weight     => 'super-heavy',
        style      => 'strike-through',
        family     => 'fantasy',
        name       => 'Noteworthy',
        font_style => 'Condensed',

the marging at the top of the heading, for example:'0.1665in'.


the margin at the bottom of the heading, for example '0.0835in'.


the relative size of the 'parent Heading' style, like: '130%'.


the font weight of the heading style, for example 'bold'.


the font styling for the heading, like 'italics'.


the name of the font to use, note that not all fonts are portable


the main family it is part of, like 'sans' and 'serif'

item font_style

the font it's own style name, like 'narow'. 'light', or 'heavy'


This variable should hold a HashRef to a list of Heading Style Definitions. The keys should be Heading 1 through Heading 6 when dealing with HTML tags. In Libre Office, there are 10 diferent styles.

You can set this HashRef so createHeadingStyle has defaults to pick from if not provided when calling that method.


Theo van Hoessel


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