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Openview::Message::cliopcmsg - Command Line Wrapper sending OpenView messages.


   #low level access to the opcmsg API:
   use Openview::Message::opcmsg ;
   #if the real opcmsg code can not be loading this will load instead
   opcmsg( OPC_SEV_MINOR 


Openview::Message::cliopcmsg provides low level access to the HP Openview operations opcmsg command line command. This modules exists because HP would not help my employer with a problem we have linking the the opcmsg() library API on HP. This module is loaded when the perl XS module can not be. It implements the api using a wrapper around the opcmsg command which is expeøted to be on path.


See Openview::Message::opcmsg for more information on the exposed API, and Openview::Message::Sender for an OO interface.


Lincoln A. Baxter <>

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