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Oracle::DML::Common - Common routines for Oracle DML


  use Oracle::DML::Common;

  my %cfg = ('conn_string'=>'usr/pwd@db', 'table_name'=>'my_ora_tab');
  my $ot = Oracle::DML::Common->new;
  # or combine the two together
  my $ot = Oracle::DML::Common->new(%cfg);
  my $sql= $ot->prepare(%cfg); 
  $ot->execute();    # actually create the audit table and trigger


This class contains methods to create audit tables and triggers for Oracle tables.

new ()

Input variables:

  %ha  - any hash array containing initial parameters

Variables used or routines called:


How to use:

   my $obj = new Oracle::DML::Common;      # or
   my $obj = Oracle::DML::Common->new;  

Return: new empty or initialized Oracle::DML::Common object.

This method constructs a Perl object and capture any parameters if specified.


The following are the common methods, routines, and functions used by other classes.

Connection Methods

The :db_conn tag includes sub-rountines for creating and managing database connections.

  use Oracle::DML::Common qw(:db_conn);

It includes the following sub-routines:

get_dbh($con, $dtp)

Input variables:

  $con - Connection string for
         Oralce: usr/pwd@db (default)
            CSV: /path/to/file
       ODBC|SQL: usr/pwd@DSN[:approle/rolepwd]
  $dtp - Database type: Oracle, CSV, etc

Variables used or routines called:


How to use:

  $self->get_dbh('usr/pwd@dblk', 'Oracle');
  $self->get_dbh('usr/pwd@dblk:approle/rpwd', 'SQL');

Return: database handler

If application role is provided, it will activate the application role as well.


Input variables:

  $dbh - database handler, required.
  $tn  - table/object name, required.
         schema.table_name is allowed.

Variables used or routines called:

  echoMSG    - display messages.

How to use:

  # whether table 'emp' exist
  $yesno = $self->is_object_exist($dbh,'emp');

Return: 0 - the object does not exist; 1 - the object exist;

Table Methods

The :table tag includes sub-rountines for creating, checking and manipulating tables.

  use Oracle::DML::Common qw(:table);

It includes the following sub-routines:


  • Version 0.1

    This versionwas contained in Oracle::Trigger class.

  • Version 0.2

    04/29/2005 (htu) - extracted common routines from Oracle::Trigger class and formed Oracle::DML::Common.

  • Version 0.21

    Remove get_table_definition method to Oracle::Schema class.

SEE ALSO (some of docs that I check often)

Data::Describe, Oracle::Loader, CGI::Getopt, File::Xcopy, Oracle::Trigger, perltoot(1), perlobj(1), perlbot(1), perlsub(1), perldata(1), perlsub(1), perlmod(1), perlmodlib(1), perlref(1), perlreftut(1).


Copyright (c) 2005 Hanming Tu. All rights reserved.

This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License (see

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