Oracle::Schema - Perl class for Oracle Schema Information and Management


  use Oracle::Schema;

  my %cfg = ('conn_string'=>'usr/pwd@db');
  my $os = Oracle::Schema->new;
  # or combine the two together
  my $os = Oracle::Schema->new('cs'=>'usr/pwd@db');


This class includes methods to query (find, retrieve, and compare) objects in an Oracle schema and to manage (create, drop, update, merge, and move) Oracle objects.

new (cs=>'usr/pwd@db',tn=>'my_table')

Input variables:

  $cs  - Oracle connection string in usr/pwd@db
  $tn  - Oracle table name without schema

Variables used or routines called:


How to use:

   my $obj = new Oracle::Schema;      # or
   my $obj = Oracle::Schema->new;     # or
   my $cs  = 'usr/pwd@db';
   my $tn  = 'my_table'; 
   my $obj = Oracle::Schema->new(cs=>$cs,tn=>$tn); # or
   my $obj = Oracle::Schema->new('cs',$cs, 'tn',$tn); 

Return: new empty or initialized Oracle::Schema object.

This method constructs a Perl object and capture any parameters if specified. It creates and defaults the following variables:

  $self->{conn_string} = "";       # or $self->{cs}
  $self->{table_name}  = "";       # or $self->{tn}  


The following are the common methods, routines, and functions defined in this class.

Exported Tag: All

The :all tag includes all the methods or sub-rountines defined in this class.

  use Oracle::Schema qw(:all);

It includes the following sub-routines:

Table Methods

The :table tag includes sub-rountines for creating, checking and manipulating tables.

  use Oracle::DML::Common qw(:table);

It includes the following sub-routines:


Input variables:

  $dbh - database handler, required.
  $tn  - table/object name, required.
         schema.table_name is allowed.
  $cns - column names separated by comma.
         Default is null, i.e., to get all the columns.
         If specified, only get definition for those specified.
  $otp - output array type:
         AR|ARRAY        - returns ($cns,$df1,$cmt)
         AH1|ARRAY_HASH1 - returns ($cns,$df2,$cmt)
         HH|HASH         - returns ($cns,$df3,$cmt)
         AH2|ARRAY_HASH2 - returns ($cns,$df4,$cmt)

Variables used or routines called:

  echoMSG - display messages.

How to use:

  ($cns,$df1,$cmt) = $self->getTableDef($dbh,$table_name,'','array');
  ($cns,$df2,$cmt) = $self->getTableDef($dbh,$table_name,'','ah1');
  ($cns,$df3,$cmt) = $self->getTableDef($dbh,$table_name,'','hash');
  ($cns,$df4,$cmt) = $self->getTableDef($dbh,$table_name,'','ah2');


  $cns - a list of column names separated by comma.
  $df1 - column definiton array ref in [$seq][$cnn].
    where $seq is column sequence number, $cnn is array
    index number corresponding to column names:
          0 - cname,
          1 - coltype,
          2 - width,
          3 - scale,
          4 - precision,
          5 - nulls,
          6 - colno,
          7 - character_set_name.
  $df2 - column definiton array ref in [$seq]{$itm}.
    where $seq is column number (colno) and $itm are:
          col - column name
          seq - column sequence number
          typ - column data type
          wid - column width
          max - max width
          min - min width
          dec - number of decimals
          req - requirement: null or not null
          dft - date format
          dsp - description or comments
  $df3 - {$cn}{$itm} when $otp = 'HASH'
    where $cn is column name in lower case and
          $itm are the same as the above
  $df4 - [$seq]{$itm} when $otp = 'AH2'
    where $seq is the column number, and $itm are:
          cname     - column name (col)
          coltype   - column data type (typ)
          width     - column width (wid)
          scale     - column scale (dec)
          precision - column precision (wid for N)
          nulls     - null or not null (req)
          colno     - column sequence number (seq)
          character_set_name - character set name
  $cmt - {$cn}: contains comments for each column 


  • Version 0.01

    This version is to set the framework and move the get_table_definition from Oracle:;DML::Common.

  • Version 0.02

    Added table tag for export.

SEE ALSO (some of docs that I check often)

Data::Describe, Oracle::Loader, CGI::Getopt, File::Xcopy, perltoot(1), perlobj(1), perlbot(1), perlsub(1), perldata(1), perlsub(1), perlmod(1), perlmodlib(1), perlref(1), perlreftut(1).


Copyright (c) 2005 Hanming Tu. All rights reserved.

This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License (see

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