Simon Wistow
and 1 contributors


OurCal::Config - a default config reader


    image_url     = images
    template_path = templates

    providers = default birthday dopplr

    dsn  = dbi:SQLite:ourcal
    type = dbi

    file = ics/birthdays.ics
    type = icalendar

    type  = cache
    dir   = .cache
    child = dopplr

    file  =
    type  = icalendar


Generic Config

Then generic configuration contain key value pairs for non specific config values.

Provider Specific Config

Each provider can have specific config options in a named section.


new <param[s]>

Must be given a file param which gives a path to an .ini type file.

config [name]

Returns a hashref containin the config for a give section or the generic config if no name is given.