PBS::PBSConfig - Handles PBS configuration


Every loaded package has a configuration. The first configuration, loaded through the pbs utility is stored in the 'PBS' package and is influenced by pbs command line switches. Subsequent configurations are loaded when a subpbs is run. The configuration name and contents reflect the loaded package parents and the subpbs configuration.

GetPbsConfig can be used (though not recommended), in Pbsfiles, to get the current pbs configuration. The configuration name is __PACKAGE__. The returned scalaris a reference to the configuration hash.

        # in a Pbsfile
        use Data::TreeDumper ;
        my $pbs_config = GetPbsConfig(__PACKAGE__) ;
        PrintInfo(DumpTree( $pbs_config->{SOURCE_DIRECTORIES}, "Source directories")) ;


Khemir Nadim ibn Hamouda.