PDF::FromHTML - Convert HTML documents to PDF


    my $pdf = PDF::FromHTML->new( encoding => 'utf-8' );

    # Loading from a file:

    # Or from a scalar reference:
    # $pdf->load_file(\$input);

    # Perform the actual conversion:
        # With PDF::API2, font names such as 'traditional' also works
        Font        => 'font.ttf',
        LineHeight  => 10,
        Landscape   => 1,

    # Write to a file:

    # Or to a scalar reference:
    # $pdf->write_file(\$output);


This module transforms HTML into PDF, using an assortment of XML transformations implemented in PDF::FromHTML::Twig.

There is also a command-line utility,, that comes with this distribution.



Convert the loaded file to PDF. Valid parameters are:

    PageWidth         640
    PageResolution    540
    FontBold          'HelveticaBold'
    FontOblique       'HelveticaOblique'
    FontBoldOblique   'HelveticaBoldOblique'
    LineHeight        12
    FontUnicode       'Helvetica'
    Font              (same as FontUnicode)
    PageSize          'A4'
    Landscape         0


<img> tags

Add the height and width attributes if you are creating the source HTML, it keeps PDF::FromHTML from having to open and read the source image file to get the real size. Less file I/O means faster processing.


Although PDF::FromHTML will work with both HTML and XHTML formats, it is not designed to utilise CSS.

This means any HTML using external or inline CSS for design and layout, including but not limited to: images, backgrounds, colours, fonts etc... will not be converted into the PDF.

To get an idea of the likely resulting PDF, you may wish to use an non-CSS capable browser for testing first.

There is currently no plan to adapt this module to utilise CSS. (Patches welcome, though!)

SEE ALSO is a simple command-line interface to this module.

PDF::FromHTML::Twig, PDF::Template, XML::Twig.


Charleston Software Associates <>


Audrey Tang <>

CC0 1.0 Universal

To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to PDF-FromHTML.

This work is published from Taiwan.

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