PGP::Words::Tiny - Convert data to/from the PGP word list


version 0.002


  use PGP::Words::Tiny qw/encode_pgp_hex decode_pgp_hex/;

  say join " ", encode_pgp_hex("0xe582"); # "topmost Istanbul"

  say decode_pgp_hex("topmost Istanbul"); # "0xe582"


This module converts octets to or from the PGP word list, allowing a byte sequence to be conveyed via easily readable words.

It is similar in function to Crypt::OpenPGP::Words, but without requiring all of Crypt::OpenPGP. This module also provides decoding functions.


The following functions are available for import. None are imported by default.


  @words = encode_pgp( $octets );

Returns a list of words drawn from the PGP word list corresponding to each octet in the input string. Even-position octets (starting at octet zero) are drawn from the even word list. Odd-position octets are drawn from the odd word list.

Proper nouns are capitalized as per the official word list.


  @words = encode_pgp_hex( $hex_string );

Converts a string of hex digits (with or without leading "0x") to an octet string and returns the result of passing that octet string to encode_pgp.


  $octets = decode_pgp( @words );  # qw/topmost Istanbul/
  $octets = decode_pgp( $string ); # qq/topmost Istanbul/

Returns a string of octets decoded from a list of PGP words or from a space-separated string of PGP words. An exception is thrown if a word is not in the PGP word list or is not in the correct even/odd position.

Input words are not case sensitive.


  $hex_string = decode_pgp_hex( @words );
  $hex_string = decode_pgp_hex( $string );

Returns a string of lowercase hex digits (preceded by "0x") decoded from a list of PGP words. It otherwise functions like decode_pgp.


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