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POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search - search website from IRC


    use strict;
    use warnings;

    use POE qw(Component::IRC Component::IRC::Plugin::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search);

    my $irc = POE::Component::IRC->spawn(
        nick        => 'OhNoRobotComBot',
        server      => '',
        port        => 6667,
        ircname     => 'Bot for searching',

        package_states => [
            main => [ qw(_start irc_001) ],


    sub _start {
        $irc->yield( register => 'all' );

            'OhNoRobot' =>
                    comic_id    => 56 # XKCD comics

        $irc->yield( connect => {} );

    sub irc_001 {
        $_[KERNEL]->post( $_[SENDER] => join => '#zofbot' );

    <Zoffix> OhNoRobotComBot, comic foo
    <Zoffix> OhNoRobotComBot, comic bar


This module is a POE::Component::IRC plugin which uses POE::Component::IRC::Plugin for its base. It provides interface to search website from IRC. It accepts input from public channel events, /notice messages as well as /msg (private messages); although that can be configured at will.



    # plain and simple
        'OhNoRobotCom' => POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search->new

    # juicy flavor
        'OhNoRobotCom' =>
                auto             => 1,
                response_event   => 'irc_ohnorobot_results',
                banned           => [ qr/aol\.com$/i ],
                addressed        => 1,
                root             => [ qr/$/i ],
                trigger          => qr/^comics?\s+(?=\S)/i,
                obj_args         => { debug => 1 },
                max_results      => 3,
                include          => [ qw(all_text meta) ],
                comic_id         => 56, # XKCD comics
                lucky            => 1,
                listen_for_input => [ qw(public notice privmsg) ],
                eat              => 1,
                debug            => 0,

The new() method constructs and returns a new POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search object suitable to be fed to POE::Component::IRC's plugin_add method. The constructor takes a few arguments, but all of them are optional. Note: most of these arguments can be changed on the fly by changing them as keys in your plugin's object, i.e. $plug_obj->{banned} = [qr/.*/ ];. The possible arguments/values are as follows:


    ->new( auto => 0 );

Optional. Takes either true or false values, specifies whether or not the plugin should auto respond to requests. When the auto argument is set to a true value plugin will respond to the requesting person with the results automatically. When the auto argument is set to a false value plugin will not respond and you will have to listen to the events emited by the plugin to retrieve the results (see EMITED EVENTS section and response_event argument for details). Defaults to: 1.


    ->new( response_event => 'event_name_to_recieve_results' );

Optional. Takes a scalar string specifying the name of the event to emit when the results of the request are ready. See EMITED EVENTS section for more information. Defaults to: irc_ohnorobot_results


    ->new( banned => [ qr/aol\.com$/i ] );

Optional. Takes an arrayref of regexes as a value. If the usermask of the person (or thing) making the request matches any of the regexes listed in the banned arrayref, plugin will ignore the request. Defaults to: [] (no bans are set).


    ->new( root => [ qr/\\E$/i ] );

Optional. As opposed to banned argument, the root argument allows access only to people whose usermasks match any of the regexen you specify in the arrayref the argument takes as a value. By default: it is not specified. Note: as opposed to banned specifying an empty arrayref to root argument will restrict access to everyone.


    ->new( trigger => qr/^comics?\s+(?=\S)/i );

Optional. Takes a regex as an argument. Messages matching this regex will be considered as requests. See also addressed option below which is enabled by default. Note: the trigger will be removed from the message, therefore make sure your trigger doesn't match the actual data that needs to be processed. Defaults to: qr/^comics?\s+(?=\S)/i


    ->new( obj_args => { debug => 1 } );

Optional. Takes a hashref as an argument which will be dereferenced directly into POE::Component::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search's constructor. See documentation for POE::Component::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search for possible arguments. Defaults to: {} ( default constructor )


    ->( comic_id => 56 )

Optional. The comic_id argument takes a scalar as a value which should be a comic ID number or an empty string which indicates that search should be done on all comics. To obtain the comic ID number go to, "View Source" and search for the name of the comic, when you'll find an <option> the value="" attribute of that option will be the number you are looking for. Idealy, it would make sense to make the comic_id argument accepts names instead of those numbers, but there are just too many (500+) different comics sites and new are being added, blah blah. Defaults to: empty string, meaning search through all the comics.


    ->( include => [ qw(all_text meta) ] )

Optional. Specifies what kind of "things" to include into consideration when performing the search. Takes an arrayref as an argument. Defaults to: all possible elements included which are as follows:


Include All comic text.


Include Scene descriptions.


Include Sound effects.


Include Speakers' names

Include Link text.


Include Meta information


    ->new( max_results => 3 )

Optional. The number of results displayed on is 10, the object will send out several requests if needed to obtain the number of results specified in the max_results argument. Don't use extremely large values here, as the amount of requests will NOT be max_results / 10 because results are often repeating and the object will count only unique URIs on the results page. Note: values less than 10 for this argument will yield to max_results results being presented on IRC (when auto is turned on) but the response event will likely to recieve more than that. Defaults to: 3 (this does not necessarily mean that the object will send only one request).


    ->new( lucky => 1 );

ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY?!!? If so, the lucky argument, when set to a true value, will "press" the Let the robot decide button on and the search method/event will fetch a poiting to the comic which the *ahem* "robot" thinks is what you want. Note: when using the lucky argument search will error out (see "EMITED EVENTS" section below) if nothing was found. Defaults to: a false value (no feelin' lucky :( )


    ->new( addressed => 1 );

Optional. Takes either true or false values. When set to a true value all the public messages must be addressed to the bot. In other words, if your bot's nickname is Nick and your trigger is qr/^trig\s+/ you would make the request by saying Nick, trig foo. When addressed mode is turned on, the bot's nickname, including any whitespace and common punctuation character will be removed before matching the trigger (see above). When addressed argument it set to a false value, public messages will only have to match trigger regex in order to make a request. Note: this argument has no effect on /notice and /msg requests. Defaults to: 1


    ->new( listen_for_input => [ qw(public  notice  privmsg) ] );

Optional. Takes an arrayref as a value which can contain any of the three elements, namely public, notice and privmsg which indicate which kind of input plugin should respond to. When the arrayref contains public element, plugin will respond to requests sent from messages in public channels (see addressed argument above for specifics). When the arrayref contains notice element plugin will respond to requests sent to it via /notice messages. When the arrayref contains privmsg element, the plugin will respond to requests sent to it via /msg (private messages). You can specify any of these. In other words, setting ( listen_for_input = [ qr(notice privmsg) ] )> will enable functionality only via /notice and /msg messages. Defaults to: [ qw(public notice privmsg) ]


    ->new( eat => 0 );

Optional. If set to a false value plugin will return a PCI_EAT_NONE after responding. If eat is set to a true value, plugin will return a PCI_EAT_ALL after responding. See POE::Component::IRC::Plugin documentation for more information if you are interested. Defaults to: 1


    ->new( debug => 1 );

Optional. Takes either a true or false value. When debug argument is set to a true value some debugging information will be printed out. When debug argument is set to a false value no debug info will be printed. Defaults to: 0.



    $VAR1 = {
        'who' => 'Zoffix!n=Zoffix@unaffiliated/zoffix',
        'type' => 'public',
        'channel' => '#zofbot',
        'term' => 'bar',
        'message' => 'OhNoRobotComBot, comic bar',
        'results' => {
            '' => 'Scary Go Round :: Monday-Friday Comic by John Allison',
            '' => 'Trashspotting',
            '' => 'The Suburban Jungle, Starring Tiffany Tiger - Archives',
            '' => '#99',
            '' => 'Goats comic strip from December / 31 / 1999: tastes like chicken candy',
            '' => 'College Roomies from Hell!!! for Thursday, March 6, 2008',
            '' => 'Webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan: The Rogues find they have an unexpected ally.',
            '' => 'Jesus and Mo',
            '' => 'General Protection Fault--The Comic Strip',
            '' => 'Almost Psychic'

The event handler set up to handle the event, name of which you've specified in the response_event argument to the constructor (it defaults to irc_ohnorobot_results) will recieve input every time request is completed. The input will come in a form of a hashref in $_[ARG0]. The possible keys/values of that hashref are as follows:


    { 'who' => 'Zoffix!n=Zoffix@unaffiliated/zoffix' }

The usermask of the person who made the request.


    { 'term' => 'bar' }

The search term which was used for searching. (this is message key with trigger stripped out)


    { 'type' => 'public' }

The type of the request. This will be either public, notice or privmsg


    { 'channel' => '#zofbot' }

The channel where the message came from (this will only make sense when the request came from a public channel as opposed to /notice or /msg)


    { 'message' => 'OhNoRobotComBot, comic bar' }

The full message that the user has sent.


    { 'error' => 'Network error: 500 read timeout' }

If an error occured during the search the error key will be present and will contain explanation for the error.


    'results' => {
        '' => 'Scary Go Round :: Monday-Friday Comic by John Allison',
        '' => 'Trashspotting',
        '' => 'The Suburban Jungle, Starring Tiffany Tiger - Archives',


The results key will contain a hashref with search results. The keys will be links poiting to comics found and values will be the titles of the comics. Note: if max_results argument to the constructor is set to a value less than 10 (it's 3 by default) then results key will likely to contain more results than max_results.


Zoffix Znet, <zoffix at> (,


Please report any bugs or feature requests to bug-poe-component-irc-plugin-www-ohnorobotcom-search at, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::WWW::OhNoRobotCom::Search

You can also look for information at:


Copyright 2008 Zoffix Znet, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.