POE::Component::Player::Slideshow - a wrapper for the qiv application


 use POE qw(Component::Player::Slideshow);

 $mp = POE::Component::Player::Slideshow->new();



This component is used to manipulate a slideshow viewer from within a POE application. At present it works with the qiv, the QuickView viewer.


An object oriented interface is provided as follows:

new [hash[-ref]]

Used to initialise the system and create a module instance. The optional hash (or hash reference) may contain any of the following keys:


Indicates the name of a session to which events will be posted. Default: main.


Specifies X display to use. Default: localhost:0.


Indicates the delay (in 1/100ths of a second) to display each image. Default: 150.


Specifies which file extensions to use. Default: *.


Allows for passing extra arguments to the underlying application.

play <dir> [options]

This method requires a parameter specifying the directory which contains the images. Warnings are issued if either the path passed is not a directory, or if the directory cannot be read.

Additionally the following arguments may be passed:


Specifies that the directory listing should be shuffled before playing.


Used to suppress display of the slideshow in full screen mode.


Used to suppress automatically scaling of images to fit the screen.

delay disp

This arguments may be passed to override the defaults supplied to new().

quit pause resume

None of these methods take any parameters and will do exactly as thier name implies. Please note that pause/resume are semaphored i.e. issuing a pause whilst the system is already paused will do exactly diddley :)

playing paused stopped

Provides a means of testing the player' state.

xcmd <string>

This method allows for the sending of arbitrary commands to the player and is useful for easily extending the functionality of the wrapper. For information on available commands please see the underlying viewer's documentation.

fullscreen fitscreen random status delete help =head2 dimmer/brigher contup/contdown zoomin/zoomout =head2 fliphorz/flipvert rotleft/rotright next/prev

The above enumerated methods perform the functions described. Those presented in pairs (divided by slashes) act in opposition to each other whilst those presented singly act as toggles.

For greater detail on the meaning of these methods please refer to the underlying viewers documentation.


At present no events are thrown by this component.


Erick Calder <>


For support e-mail the author. This module may be found on the CPAN. Additionally, both the module and its RPM package are available from:


The test suite in this package includes a number of images that were graciously donated by Marion Lane, a most intriguing artist doing some unbelievable things with acryllic. Check out her web site at: - or look out for her on eBay.

Thanks Marion! ...and keep up the good work!


$Date: 2002/12/10 02:07:45 $


$Revision: 1.4 $


Copyright (c) 2002 Erick Calder. This product is distributed under the MIT License. A copy of this license was included in a file called LICENSE. If for some reason, this file was not included, please see to obtain a copy of this license.

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