Chris Williams


POE::Component::SmokeBox::Recent - A POE component to retrieve recent CPAN uploads.


  use strict;
  use POE qw(Component::SmokeBox::Recent);


        package_states => [
          'main' => [qw(_start recent)],

  exit 0;

  sub _start {
        url => '',
        event => 'recent',

  sub recent {
    my $hashref = $_[ARG0];
    if ( $hashref->{error} ) {
        print $hashref->{error}, "\n";
    print $_, "\n" for @{ $hashref->{recent} };


POE::Component::SmokeBox::Recent is a POE component for retrieving recently uploaded CPAN distributions from the CPAN mirror of your choice.

It accepts a url and an event name and attempts to download and parse the RECENT file from that given url.

It is part of the SmokeBox toolkit for building CPAN Smoke testing frameworks.



Takes a number of parameters:

  'url', the full url of the CPAN mirror to retrieve the RECENT file from, only http ftp and file are currently supported, mandatory;
  'event', the event handler in your session where the result should be sent, mandatory;
  'session', optional if the poco is spawned from within another session;
  'context', anything you like that'll fit in a scalar, a ref for instance;
  'rss', set to a 'true' value to retrieve from the rss file instead of RECENT file.
  'epoch', an epoch timestamp less than the current time but greater than an year ago.

The 'session' parameter is only required if you wish the output event to go to a different session than the calling session, or if you have spawned the poco outside of a session.

The 'rss' parameter if set will indicate that the poco should retrieve recent uploads from the modules/01modules.mtime.rss file instead of the RECENT file. The rss file contains the 150 most recent uploads to CPAN and is more up to date than the RECENT file.

The 'epoch' parameter should be a valid epoch timestamp less than the current time but greater than a year ago. Setting this will cause the component to use CPAN::Recent::Uploads to obtain a list of distributions uploaded since the 'epoch' time given. This enables more grandular control of listing dists than simply retrieving the RECENT file.

The poco does it's work and will return the output event with the result.


This is generated by the poco. ARG0 will be a hash reference with the following keys:

  'recent', an arrayref containing recently uploaded distributions;
  'error', if something went wrong this will contain some hopefully meaningful error messages;
  'context', if you supplied a context in the constructor it will be returned here;


Chris BinGOs Williams <>


Copyright © Chris Williams

This module may be used, modified, and distributed under the same terms as Perl 5 itself. Please see the license that came with your Perl 5 distribution for details.


Andy Armstrong for helping me to debug accessing his CPAN mirror.