POE::Declare::Meta::Slot - Abstract base class for named class elements


In POE::Declare, each class is a simple controlled structure with a set of named elements within it, known as "slots".

Each slot uniquely occupies a name (just like in a HASH) except that in the POE::Declare model, that name is reserved across all resources (the method name, the HASH key, and in some cases certain method names below the root name as well).

For example, a slot named "foo" of type Param will consume the HASH key "foo", have an accessor method "foo", and take a "foo" parameter in the object constructor.

A slot named "mytimeout" filled with a Timeout will consume the "mytimeout" HASH key, and may have methods such as mytimeout_alarm, mytimeout_keepalive and mytimeout_clear.



  # You cannot create a Slot directly
  my $object = POE::Declare::Meta::Attribute->new(
      name => 'foo',

The default slot constructor takes a list of named parameters, and creates a HASH-based object using them. The default implementation does not check its parameters, as it expects them to be provided by other functions which themselves will have already checked params.


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