Nicholas Perez


POE::Filter::XML::RPC - A POE Filter for marshalling XML-RPC


    use POE::Filter::XML::RPC;
    use POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Request;
    use POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Response;
    use POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Fault;
    use POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Value;

    my $filter = POE::Filter::XML::RPC->new();

    # Build/send a request
    my $request = POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Request->new
        POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Value->new({'NamedArgument' => 42})


    # Build/send a response

    my $reponse = POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Response->new
        POE::Filter::XML::RPC::Value->new([qw/somevalue1 somevalue2/])



POE::Filter::XML::RPC builds upon the work of POE::Filter::XML to parse XML-RPC datagrams and deliver useful objects for the end developer.

This filter is expected to be used in a chain of filters where it will receive POE::Filter::XML::Nodes on input and output.


There are no public methods outside of the implemented POE::Filter API


Response, Request, Fault, and Value are based on POE::Filter::XML::Node. See their individual PODs for more information.

This filter only implements part of the XMLRPC spec[1], the HTTP portion is not accounted for within this filter and in fact, only concerns itself with POE::Filter::XML::Nodes received or sent.



Copyright 2009 Nicholas Perez. Licensed and distributed under the GPL.