PPI::Token::Regexp - Regular expression abstract base class


  isa PPI::Token
      isa PPI::Element


The PPI::Token::Regexp class is never instantiated, and simply provides a common abstract base class for the three regular expression classes. These being:

m// - PPI::Token::Regexp::Match
s/// - PPI::Token::Regexp::Substitute
tr/// - PPI::Token::Regexp::Transliterate

The names are hopefully obvious enough not to have to explain what each class is. See their pages for more details.

To save some confusion, it's worth pointing out here that qr// is not a regular expression (which PPI takes to mean something that will actually examine or modify a string), but rather a quote-like operator that acts as a constructor for compiled Regexp objects.


The following methods are inherited by this class' offspring:


The get_match_string method returns the portion of the regexp that performs the match.


The get_substitute_string method returns the portion of the regexp that is substituted for the match, if any. If the regexp does not substitute, undef is returned.


The get_modifiers method returns the modifiers of the regexp.


The get_delimiters method returns the delimiters of the regexp as an array. The first element is the delimiters of the match string, and the second element (if any) is the delimiters of the substitute string (if any).


See the support section in the main module.


Adam Kennedy <>


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