PRANG::Cookbook - Examples of recipes which you can use with PRANG.


The PRANG::Cookbook is a series of recipes showing various PRANG features. Most recipes are small and self-explanatory but the general layout of each series shows firstly a simple example with explanations followed by further enhancements.

Each component of PRANG has a man page describing it, and collectively these form the PRANG manual. However, the cookbook is designed to give quick examples to get up to speed with what you need to know to effectively use PRANG.

The manual pages for the cookbook do not contain the content; see the actual source for the examples.



This recipe series gives you a good overview of PRANG's capabilites starting with simple XML elements and attributes.


Shows a simple example of a note which requires some elements and adds some optional elements later on. Also shows how to use attributes with some basic validation.

Intermediate PRANG

This recipe series (ie, PRANG::Cookbook) gives you a good overview of some of advanced of PRANG's capabilites. Showing how to do lists of nodes and then lists of any of a number of different nodes.


shows a simple library which has one book in it, then any number of books. Adds to this the fact that the library holds CDs too, so this is made generic such that it holds items, where each item can be a book or a CD.

Advanced PRANG

The CPAN releases XML::SRS and XML::EPP are implementations of real-world XML standards using PRANG. The first versions of these will be released shortly after the inaugral PRANG release.


Andrew Chilton, <andy@catalyst dot net dot nz>

Edited by Sam Vilain,


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The work is being carried out by Catalyst IT,

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This license applies to all Cookbook files shipped with PRANG.