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Palm::DiabetesPilot - Handler for Diabetes Pilot databases


use Palm::DiabetesPilot;


Helper for reading Diabetes Pilot ( databases.

AppInfo block

The AppInfo block begins with standard category support. See Palm::StdAppInfo for details. Diabetes Pilot doesn't have any application-specific extensions here.


        $record = $pdb->{records}{$i}


The time of the record entry.


The type of record. This will be one of gluc, meal, med, exer, or note.


The quantity associated with the record. For a glucose reading, this is the level (in the appropriate units). For a meal, it's a carb value. For the medication, it's whatever units are appropriate. For the exercise, it's associated with the specific exercise selection.


Any record type can have a note associated with it.


In a med record, this indicates the type of medication taken. Meds are just text strings.


In an exercise record, this is a comment describing the type of exercise and the quantity associated with it.


In a meal record, this is a reference to an array of individual meal items. Each item is a hash reference containing the following fields: servings, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, calories, name. name is the textual description of the item and also generally includes the serving size and units.


Not strictly a bug, but writing databases is unsupported. This is an incomplete reverse-engineering of medical journalling software. As such, it's unlikely that we'll ever handle writing.


Christophe Beauregard <>