PangoConst - the Pango constants without Glib / Gtk2


    use PangoConst;
    use Pango;
    # Don't need Gtk2 at all.


This module copies the PANGO_* constants from Gtk2::Pango so that you can use them without having to import/install the whole of Glib and Gtk2.

Don't ask me what the PANGO_* constants are doing in Gtk2 rather than in Pango itself. A quote from Gtk2::Pango's documentation: "This module shouldn't exist".


Ben Bullock, <>


If you'd like to see this module continued, let me know that you're using it. For example, send an email, write a bug report, star the project's github repository, add a patch, add a ++ on, or write a rating at CPAN ratings. It really does make a difference. Thanks.


This package and associated files are copyright (C) -2016 Ben Bullock.

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