Parse::Dia::SQL::Output::DB2 - Create SQL for DB2.


    use Parse::Dia::SQL;
    my $dia = Parse::Dia::SQL->new(...);
    print $dia->get_sql();


This class creates SQL for the IBM DB2 database.


The constructor. Arguments:

Create primary key clause, e.g.

constraint pk_<tablename> primary key (<column1>,..,<columnN>)

For DB2 the PK must be 18 characters or less

Returns undefined if list of primary key is empty (i.e. if there are no primary keys on given table).

For DB2 a constraint name must be 18 characters or less.

Returns shortened tablename.


DB2 do not support keyword 'if exists' in 'drop table' statement

Subclass for outputting SQL for the DB2 database