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Parse::Man - parse nroff-formatted manpages


This abstract subclass of Parser::MGC recognises nroff grammar from a file or string value. It invokes methods when various nroff directives are encountered. It is intended that this class be used as a base class, with methods provided to handle the various directives and formatting options. Typically a subclass will store intermediate results in a data structure, building it as directed by these method invocations.


The following method is used to handle formatted text. Each call is passed a plain string value from the input content.

$parser->chunk( $text, %opts )

The %opts hash contains the following options:

font => STRING

The name of the current font (R, B, etc..)

size => INT

The current text size, relative to a paragraph base of 0.

Other font requests that are found in \fX or \f(AB requests are handled by similarly-named methods.


The following methods are used to form paragraphs out of formatted text chunks. Their return values are ignored.

$parser->para_TH( $name, $section )

Handles the .TH paragraph which gives the page title and section number.

$parser->para_SH( $title )

Handles the .SH paragraph, which gives a section header.

$parser->para_SS( $title )

Handles the .SS paragraph, which gives a sub-section header.

$parser->para_TP( $opts )

Handles a .TP paragraph, which gives a term definition.

$parser->para_IP( $opts )

Handles a .IP paragraph, which is indented like the definition part of a .TP paragraph.

$parser->para_P( $opts )

Handles the .P, .PP or .LP paragraphs, which are all synonyms for a plain paragraph content.


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