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Parse::PayPal::TxFinderReport - Parse PayPal transaction detail report into data structure


This document describes version 0.003 of Parse::PayPal::TxFinderReport (from Perl distribution Parse-PayPal-TxFinderReport), released on 2018-11-06.


 use Parse::PayPal::TxFinderReport qw(parse_paypal_txfinder_report);

 my $res = parse_paypal_txfinder_report(file => );

Sample result when there is a parse error:

 [400, "Doesn't find signature in first row"]

Sample result when parse is successful:

 [200, "OK", {
     format => "txfinder",
     transactions           => [
             "3PL Reference ID"                   => "",
             "Auction Buyer ID"                   => "",
             "Auction Closing Date"               => "",
             "Auction Site"                       => "",
             "Authorization Review Status"        => 1,
             "Transaction Completion Date"        => 1467273397,


PayPal provides various kinds reports which you can retrieve from their website under Reports menu. This module provides routine to parse PayPal transaction finder report into a Perl data structure. The CSV format is supported. No official documentation of the format is available, but it's mostly regular CSV.

This module can recognize two variants of the report:

Search Transaction Results (STR)

Some characteristics of this variant:

  • Date is MM/DD/YYYY only without hour/minute/second information

    Date will be converted to Unix epoch in the returned data structure.

  • No transaction status field

Transaction Finder (TF)

Some characteristics of this variant:

  • Dates are locale-formatted (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY)

    Date will be converted to Unix epoch in the returned data structure. Make sure you set the correct date_format parameter.

  • Numbers are locale-formatted (e.g. 1,23 instead of 1.23 when using comma as decimal character)

    Formatting will be removed. Make sure you set the correct thousands_sep and decimal_point parameters.




 parse_paypal_txfinder_report(%args) -> [status, msg, payload, meta]

Parse PayPal transaction detail report into data structure.

The result will be a hashref. The main key is transactions which will be an arrayref of hashrefs.

Dates will be converted into Unix timestamps.

This function is not exported by default, but exportable.

Arguments ('*' denotes required arguments):

  • date_format => str (default: "MM/DD/YYYY")

  • decimal_point => str (default: ".")

  • file => filename

    File can be in tab-separated or comma-separated (CSV) format.

  • format => str

    If unspecified, will be deduced from the filename's extension (/csv/i for CSV, or /txt|tsv|tab/i for tab-separated).

  • string => str

    Instead of files, you can alternatively provide the file contents in strings.

  • thousands_sep => str (default: ",")

Returns an enveloped result (an array).

First element (status) is an integer containing HTTP status code (200 means OK, 4xx caller error, 5xx function error). Second element (msg) is a string containing error message, or 'OK' if status is 200. Third element (payload) is optional, the actual result. Fourth element (meta) is called result metadata and is optional, a hash that contains extra information.

Return value: (any)


Please report all bug reports or feature requests to




perlancar <>


This software is copyright (c) 2018, 2017, 2016 by

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.