Parse::StackTrace::Type::GDB::Frame - A GDB stack frame


This is an implementation of Parse::StackTrace::Frame for GDB.

Note that GDB frames never have a value for the code accessor, but they might have values for all the other accessors.

For frames where the function is unknown, the function will be ?? (because that's what GDB prints out in that case).


In addition to the methods available from Parse::StackTrace::Frame, GDB frames possibly have additional information. All of these are undef if they are not available for this Frame.


Almost all frames contain a hexidecimal memory address where that frame resides. This is that address, as a string starting with 0x


Some stack frames have a piece of text like @GLIBC_2.3.2 after the function name. This is the GLIBC_2.3.2 part of that.


Some stack frames contain the filesystem path to the dynamic library that the binary code of this function lives in. This is a string representing that filesystem path.