CreatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the API Key was created.

CustomerId => Str

An AWS Marketplace customer identifier , when integrating with the AWS SaaS Marketplace.

Description => Str

The description of the API Key.

Enabled => Bool

Specifies whether the API Key can be used by callers.

Id => Str

The identifier of the API Key.

LastUpdatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the API Key was last updated.

Name => Str

The name of the API Key.

StageKeys => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

A list of Stage resources that are associated with the ApiKey resource.

Tags => Paws::ApiGateway::MapOfStringToString

The collection of tags. Each tag element is associated with a given resource.

Value => Str

The value of the API Key.

_request_id => Str