AccessLogSettings => Paws::ApiGateway::AccessLogSettings

Settings for logging access in this stage.

CacheClusterEnabled => Bool

Specifies whether a cache cluster is enabled for the stage.

CacheClusterSize => Str

The size of the cache cluster for the stage, if enabled.

Valid values are: "0.5", "1.6", "6.1", "13.5", "28.4", "58.2", "118", "237" =head2 CacheClusterStatus => Str

The status of the cache cluster for the stage, if enabled.

Valid values are: "CREATE_IN_PROGRESS", "AVAILABLE", "DELETE_IN_PROGRESS", "NOT_AVAILABLE", "FLUSH_IN_PROGRESS" =head2 CanarySettings => Paws::ApiGateway::CanarySettings

Settings for the canary deployment in this stage.

ClientCertificateId => Str

The identifier of a client certificate for an API stage.

CreatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the stage was created.

DeploymentId => Str

The identifier of the Deployment that the stage points to.

Description => Str

The stage's description.

DocumentationVersion => Str

The version of the associated API documentation.

LastUpdatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the stage last updated.

MethodSettings => Paws::ApiGateway::MapOfMethodSettings

A map that defines the method settings for a Stage resource. Keys (designated as /{method_setting_key below) are method paths defined as {resource_path}/{http_method} for an individual method override, or /\*/\* for overriding all methods in the stage.

StageName => Str

The name of the stage is the first path segment in the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of a call to API Gateway. Stage names can only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores. Maximum length is 128 characters.

Tags => Paws::ApiGateway::MapOfStringToString

The collection of tags. Each tag element is associated with a given resource.

TracingEnabled => Bool

Specifies whether active tracing with X-ray is enabled for the Stage.

Variables => Paws::ApiGateway::MapOfStringToString

A map that defines the stage variables for a Stage resource. Variable names can have alphanumeric and underscore characters, and the values must match [A-Za-z0-9-._~:/?#&=,]+.

WebAclArn => Str

The ARN of the WebAcl associated with the Stage.

_request_id => Str