AccessLogSettings => Paws::ApiGatewayV2::AccessLogSettings

Settings for logging access in this stage.

ClientCertificateId => Str

The identifier of a client certificate for a Stage.

CreatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the stage was created.

DefaultRouteSettings => Paws::ApiGatewayV2::RouteSettings

Default route settings for the stage.

DeploymentId => Str

The identifier of the Deployment that the Stage is associated with.

Description => Str

The description of the stage.

LastUpdatedDate => Str

The timestamp when the stage was last updated.

RouteSettings => Paws::ApiGatewayV2::RouteSettingsMap

Route settings for the stage.

StageName => Str

The name of the stage.

StageVariables => Paws::ApiGatewayV2::StageVariablesMap

A map that defines the stage variables for a stage resource. Variable names can have alphanumeric and underscore characters, and the values must match [A-Za-z0-9-._~:/?#&=,]+.

Tags => Paws::ApiGatewayV2::Tags

The key-value map of strings. The valid character set is [a-zA-Z+-=._:/]. The tag key can be up to 128 characters and must not start with aws:. The tag value can be up to 256 characters..

_request_id => Str