Paws::Backup::CreateBackupVault - Arguments for method CreateBackupVault on Paws::Backup


This class represents the parameters used for calling the method CreateBackupVault on the AWS Backup service. Use the attributes of this class as arguments to method CreateBackupVault.

You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the call to CreateBackupVault.


    my $backup = Paws->service('Backup');
    my $CreateBackupVaultOutput = $backup->CreateBackupVault(
      BackupVaultName  => 'MyBackupVaultName',
      BackupVaultTags  => { 'MyTagKey' => 'MyTagValue', },    # OPTIONAL
      CreatorRequestId => 'Mystring',                         # OPTIONAL
      EncryptionKeyArn => 'MyARN',                            # OPTIONAL

    # Results:
    my $BackupVaultArn  = $CreateBackupVaultOutput->BackupVaultArn;
    my $BackupVaultName = $CreateBackupVaultOutput->BackupVaultName;
    my $CreationDate    = $CreateBackupVaultOutput->CreationDate;

    # Returns a L<Paws::Backup::CreateBackupVaultOutput> object.

Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float, etc) can passed as-is (scalar values). Values for complex Types (objects) can be passed as a HashRef. The keys and values of the hashref will be used to instance the underlying object. For the AWS API documentation, see


REQUIRED BackupVaultName => Str

The name of a logical container where backups are stored. Backup vaults are identified by names that are unique to the account used to create them and the AWS Region where they are created. They consist of lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.

BackupVaultTags => Paws::Backup::Tags

Metadata that you can assign to help organize the resources that you create. Each tag is a key-value pair.

CreatorRequestId => Str

A unique string that identifies the request and allows failed requests to be retried without the risk of executing the operation twice.

EncryptionKeyArn => Str

The server-side encryption key that is used to protect your backups; for example, arn:aws:kms:us-west-2:111122223333:key/1234abcd-12ab-34cd-56ef-1234567890ab.


This class forms part of Paws, documenting arguments for method CreateBackupVault in Paws::Backup


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