Paws::CloudWatch::GetMetricWidgetImage - Arguments for method GetMetricWidgetImage on Paws::CloudWatch


This class represents the parameters used for calling the method GetMetricWidgetImage on the Amazon CloudWatch service. Use the attributes of this class as arguments to method GetMetricWidgetImage.

You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the call to GetMetricWidgetImage.


    my $monitoring = Paws->service('CloudWatch');
    my $GetMetricWidgetImageOutput = $monitoring->GetMetricWidgetImage(
      MetricWidget => 'MyMetricWidget',
      OutputFormat => 'MyOutputFormat',    # OPTIONAL

    # Results:
    my $MetricWidgetImage = $GetMetricWidgetImageOutput->MetricWidgetImage;

    # Returns a L<Paws::CloudWatch::GetMetricWidgetImageOutput> object.

Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float, etc) can passed as-is (scalar values). Values for complex Types (objects) can be passed as a HashRef. The keys and values of the hashref will be used to instance the underlying object. For the AWS API documentation, see


REQUIRED MetricWidget => Str

A JSON string that defines the bitmap graph to be retrieved. The string includes the metrics to include in the graph, statistics, annotations, title, axis limits, and so on. You can include only one MetricWidget parameter in each GetMetricWidgetImage call.

For more information about the syntax of MetricWidget see CloudWatch-Metric-Widget-Structure.

If any metric on the graph could not load all the requested data points, an orange triangle with an exclamation point appears next to the graph legend.

OutputFormat => Str

The format of the resulting image. Only PNG images are supported.

The default is png. If you specify png, the API returns an HTTP response with the content-type set to text/xml. The image data is in a MetricWidgetImage field. For example:

<GetMetricWidgetImageResponse xmlns=<URLstring>>










The image/png setting is intended only for custom HTTP requests. For most use cases, and all actions using an AWS SDK, you should use png. If you specify image/png, the HTTP response has a content-type set to image/png, and the body of the response is a PNG image.


This class forms part of Paws, documenting arguments for method GetMetricWidgetImage in Paws::CloudWatch


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