REQUIRED AllowUnauthenticatedIdentities => Bool

TRUE if the identity pool supports unauthenticated logins.

CognitoIdentityProviders => ArrayRef[Paws::CognitoIdentity::CognitoIdentityProvider]

A list representing an Amazon Cognito user pool and its client ID.

DeveloperProviderName => Str

The "domain" by which Cognito will refer to your users.

REQUIRED IdentityPoolId => Str

An identity pool ID in the format REGION:GUID.

REQUIRED IdentityPoolName => Str

A string that you provide.

IdentityPoolTags => Paws::CognitoIdentity::IdentityPoolTagsType

The tags that are assigned to the identity pool. A tag is a label that you can apply to identity pools to categorize and manage them in different ways, such as by purpose, owner, environment, or other criteria.

OpenIdConnectProviderARNs => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

A list of OpendID Connect provider ARNs.

SamlProviderARNs => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

An array of Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) of the SAML provider for your identity pool.

SupportedLoginProviders => Paws::CognitoIdentity::IdentityProviders

Optional key:value pairs mapping provider names to provider app IDs.

_request_id => Str