use Paws::Credential::STS;

  my $paws = Paws->new(config => {
    credentials => Paws::Credential::STS->new(
      sts_region => 'eu-west-1',
      DurationSeconds => 60,
      Name => 'MyName',


The STS provider is used to obtain temporary credentials with the GetFederationToken STS call. These credentials can further be limited by a Policy document.

Credentials are refreshed with a re-call to STS when they have expired

sts_region: Str (optional)

The STS region to attack. Defaults to the global STS region

sts: Paws::STS object (optional)

A Paws::STS object initialized with some credentials. Defaults to a Paws::STS object initialized with the default credential provider.

DurationSeconds: Int (optional)

The number of seconds for which the credentials will be valid

Policy: Str (optional)

A string with an IAM policy that further restricts the users capabilities

Name: Str

The name of the session (will appear in CloudTrail logs, for example)