This class represents one of two things:

Arguments in a call to a service

Use the attributes of this class as arguments to methods. You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the calls that expect this type of object.

As an example, if Att1 is expected to be a Paws::EMR::InstanceGroupConfig object:

  $service_obj->Method(Att1 => { AutoScalingPolicy => $value, ..., Name => $value  });

Results returned from an API call

Use accessors for each attribute. If Att1 is expected to be an Paws::EMR::InstanceGroupConfig object:

  $result = $service_obj->Method(...);


Configuration defining a new instance group.


AutoScalingPolicy => Paws::EMR::AutoScalingPolicy

  An automatic scaling policy for a core instance group or task instance
group in an Amazon EMR cluster. The automatic scaling policy defines
how an instance group dynamically adds and terminates EC2 instances in
response to the value of a CloudWatch metric. See PutAutoScalingPolicy.

BidPrice => Str

  The maximum Spot price your are willing to pay for EC2 instances.

An optional, nullable field that applies if the MarketType for the instance group is specified as SPOT. Specify the maximum spot price in USD. If the value is NULL and SPOT is specified, the maximum Spot price is set equal to the On-Demand price.

Configurations => ArrayRef[Paws::EMR::Configuration]

  Amazon EMR releases 4.x or later.

The list of configurations supplied for an EMR cluster instance group. You can specify a separate configuration for each instance group (master, core, and task).

EbsConfiguration => Paws::EMR::EbsConfiguration

  EBS configurations that will be attached to each EC2 instance in the
instance group.

REQUIRED InstanceCount => Int

  Target number of instances for the instance group.

REQUIRED InstanceRole => Str

  The role of the instance group in the cluster.

REQUIRED InstanceType => Str

  The EC2 instance type for all instances in the instance group.

Market => Str

  Market type of the EC2 instances used to create a cluster node.

Name => Str

  Friendly name given to the instance group.


This class forms part of Paws, describing an object used in Paws::EMR


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