Paws::IoTEventsData - Perl Interface to AWS AWS IoT Events Data


  use Paws;

  my $obj = Paws->service('IoTEventsData');
  my $res = $obj->Method(
    Arg1 => $val1,
    Arg2 => [ 'V1', 'V2' ],
    # if Arg3 is an object, the HashRef will be used as arguments to the constructor
    # of the arguments type
    Arg3 => { Att1 => 'Val1' },
    # if Arg4 is an array of objects, the HashRefs will be passed as arguments to
    # the constructor of the arguments type
    Arg4 => [ { Att1 => 'Val1'  }, { Att1 => 'Val2' } ],


AWS IoT Events monitors your equipment or device fleets for failures or changes in operation, and triggers actions when such events occur. AWS IoT Events Data API commands enable you to send inputs to detectors, list detectors, and view or update a detector's status.

For the AWS API documentation, see



Messages => ArrayRef[Paws::IoTEventsData::Message]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTEventsData::BatchPutMessage

Returns: a Paws::IoTEventsData::BatchPutMessageResponse instance

Sends a set of messages to the AWS IoT Events system. Each message payload is transformed into the input you specify ("inputName") and ingested into any detectors that monitor that input. If multiple messages are sent, the order in which the messages are processed isn't guaranteed. To guarantee ordering, you must send messages one at a time and wait for a successful response.


Detectors => ArrayRef[Paws::IoTEventsData::UpdateDetectorRequest]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTEventsData::BatchUpdateDetector

Returns: a Paws::IoTEventsData::BatchUpdateDetectorResponse instance

Updates the state, variable values, and timer settings of one or more detectors (instances) of a specified detector model.


DetectorModelName => Str
[KeyValue => Str]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTEventsData::DescribeDetector

Returns: a Paws::IoTEventsData::DescribeDetectorResponse instance

Returns information about the specified detector (instance).


DetectorModelName => Str
[MaxResults => Int]
[NextToken => Str]
[StateName => Str]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTEventsData::ListDetectors

Returns: a Paws::IoTEventsData::ListDetectorsResponse instance

Lists detectors (the instances of a detector model).


Paginator methods are helpers that repetively call methods that return partial results


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