Paws::IoTJobsData - Perl Interface to AWS AWS IoT Jobs Data Plane


  use Paws;

  my $obj = Paws->service('IoTJobsData');
  my $res = $obj->Method(
    Arg1 => $val1,
    Arg2 => [ 'V1', 'V2' ],
    # if Arg3 is an object, the HashRef will be used as arguments to the constructor
    # of the arguments type
    Arg3 => { Att1 => 'Val1' },
    # if Arg4 is an array of objects, the HashRefs will be passed as arguments to
    # the constructor of the arguments type
    Arg4 => [ { Att1 => 'Val1'  }, { Att1 => 'Val2' } ],


AWS IoT Jobs is a service that allows you to define a set of jobs — remote operations that are sent to and executed on one or more devices connected to AWS IoT. For example, you can define a job that instructs a set of devices to download and install application or firmware updates, reboot, rotate certificates, or perform remote troubleshooting operations.

To create a job, you make a job document which is a description of the remote operations to be performed, and you specify a list of targets that should perform the operations. The targets can be individual things, thing groups or both.

AWS IoT Jobs sends a message to inform the targets that a job is available. The target starts the execution of the job by downloading the job document, performing the operations it specifies, and reporting its progress to AWS IoT. The Jobs service provides commands to track the progress of a job on a specific target and for all the targets of the job

For the AWS API documentation, see



JobId => Str
ThingName => Str
[ExecutionNumber => Int]
[IncludeJobDocument => Bool]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTJobsData::DescribeJobExecution

Returns: a Paws::IoTJobsData::DescribeJobExecutionResponse instance

Gets details of a job execution.


ThingName => Str

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTJobsData::GetPendingJobExecutions

Returns: a Paws::IoTJobsData::GetPendingJobExecutionsResponse instance

Gets the list of all jobs for a thing that are not in a terminal status.


ThingName => Str
[StatusDetails => Paws::IoTJobsData::DetailsMap]
[StepTimeoutInMinutes => Int]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTJobsData::StartNextPendingJobExecution

Returns: a Paws::IoTJobsData::StartNextPendingJobExecutionResponse instance

Gets and starts the next pending (status IN_PROGRESS or QUEUED) job execution for a thing.


JobId => Str
Status => Str
ThingName => Str
[ExecutionNumber => Int]
[ExpectedVersion => Int]
[IncludeJobDocument => Bool]
[IncludeJobExecutionState => Bool]
[StatusDetails => Paws::IoTJobsData::DetailsMap]
[StepTimeoutInMinutes => Int]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::IoTJobsData::UpdateJobExecution

Returns: a Paws::IoTJobsData::UpdateJobExecutionResponse instance

Updates the status of a job execution.


Paginator methods are helpers that repetively call methods that return partial results


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