Consumers => ArrayRef[Paws::Kinesis::Consumer]

An array of JSON objects. Each object represents one registered consumer.

NextToken => Str

When the number of consumers that are registered with the data stream is greater than the default value for the MaxResults parameter, or if you explicitly specify a value for MaxResults that is less than the number of registered consumers, the response includes a pagination token named NextToken. You can specify this NextToken value in a subsequent call to ListStreamConsumers to list the next set of registered consumers. For more information about the use of this pagination token when calling the ListStreamConsumers operation, see ListStreamConsumersInput$NextToken.

Tokens expire after 300 seconds. When you obtain a value for NextToken in the response to a call to ListStreamConsumers, you have 300 seconds to use that value. If you specify an expired token in a call to ListStreamConsumers, you get ExpiredNextTokenException.

_request_id => Str