Checksum => Str

Checksum of the intent version created.

ConclusionStatement => Paws::LexModels::Statement

After the Lambda function specified in the fulfillmentActivity field fulfills the intent, Amazon Lex conveys this statement to the user.

ConfirmationPrompt => Paws::LexModels::Prompt

If defined, the prompt that Amazon Lex uses to confirm the user's intent before fulfilling it.

CreatedDate => Str

The date that the intent was created.

Description => Str

A description of the intent.

DialogCodeHook => Paws::LexModels::CodeHook

If defined, Amazon Lex invokes this Lambda function for each user input.

FollowUpPrompt => Paws::LexModels::FollowUpPrompt

If defined, Amazon Lex uses this prompt to solicit additional user activity after the intent is fulfilled.

FulfillmentActivity => Paws::LexModels::FulfillmentActivity

Describes how the intent is fulfilled.

LastUpdatedDate => Str

The date that the intent was updated.

Name => Str

The name of the intent.

ParentIntentSignature => Str

A unique identifier for a built-in intent.

RejectionStatement => Paws::LexModels::Statement

If the user answers "no" to the question defined in confirmationPrompt, Amazon Lex responds with this statement to acknowledge that the intent was canceled.

SampleUtterances => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

An array of sample utterances configured for the intent.

Slots => ArrayRef[Paws::LexModels::Slot]

An array of slot types that defines the information required to fulfill the intent.

Version => Str

The version number assigned to the new version of the intent.

_request_id => Str