ExportStatus => Str

The status of the export.

  • IN_PROGRESS - The export is in progress.

  • READY - The export is complete.

  • FAILED - The export could not be completed.

Valid values are: "IN_PROGRESS", "READY", "FAILED" =head2 ExportType => Str

The format of the exported data.

Valid values are: "ALEXA_SKILLS_KIT", "LEX" =head2 FailureReason => Str

If status is FAILED, Amazon Lex provides the reason that it failed to export the resource.

Name => Str

The name of the bot being exported.

ResourceType => Str

The type of the exported resource.

Valid values are: "BOT", "INTENT", "SLOT_TYPE" =head2 Url => Str

An S3 pre-signed URL that provides the location of the exported resource. The exported resource is a ZIP archive that contains the exported resource in JSON format. The structure of the archive may change. Your code should not rely on the archive structure.

Version => Str

The version of the bot being exported.

_request_id => Str