CreatedDate => Str

A timestamp for the date and time that the import job was created.

FailureReason => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

A string that describes why an import job failed to complete.

ImportId => Str

The identifier for the specific import job.

ImportStatus => Str

The status of the import job. If the status is FAILED, you can get the reason for the failure from the failureReason field.

Valid values are: "IN_PROGRESS", "COMPLETE", "FAILED" =head2 MergeStrategy => Str

The action taken when there was a conflict between an existing resource and a resource in the import file.

Valid values are: "OVERWRITE_LATEST", "FAIL_ON_CONFLICT" =head2 Name => Str

The name given to the import job.

ResourceType => Str

The type of resource imported.

Valid values are: "BOT", "INTENT", "SLOT_TYPE" =head2 _request_id => Str